Budget Optimisation


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Marketers have always faced the problem of knowing how much to spend on advertising to maximise sales. Even once a media budget has been decided there is still the issue of how to allocate it across geographies, brands in the portfolio, media channels and weeks of the year.


It is a complex problem that has been made even more complicated by the growth of digital throughout the past few years. Nowadays, marketers have to consider their owned media (website, Facebook page) and earned media (views, comments, re-tweets) alongside paid for media such as TV or YouTube.


At Data2Decisions we have developed a proprietary tool called Polestar to optimise media budgets based on outputs from modelling.


PoleStar is built on our understanding of what drives advertising profitability. Our “Top 10 Drivers of Advertising Profitability” paper summarised 15 years of learning and experience on the levers that impact the return from media spend and PoleStar has been developed to provide a platform for optimising future media spend around these factors.


In our experience PoleStar can find significant efficiencies through better allocation of media budgets, creating opportunities for our clients to add $100ms to their sales for the same media budget.


PoleStar is a flexible tool working just as well to allocate budgets across media channels for a single brand as it does allocating budgets across a portfolio of 10+ brands in 20+ countries for global advertisers. It has been used by Data2Decisions for major brands in the food, alcohol, household products, automotive and finance sectors applying optimisation principles to both local brands and global portfolios.