Data2Decisions chosen for The Parliamentary Review

Data2Decisions is proud to announce our inclusion in the 2018/19 Parliamentary Review.
The Parliamentary Review is a platform that offers the opportunity to share best practice across the private and public sectors while also influencing future government policy and strategy. It is a unique and increasingly popular opportunity for organisations to utilise their views and opinions as a template for reform.

Data2Decisions was pleased to be formally invited to feature in the Information and Technology section, as inclusion remains invitation-only.

Data2Decisions was selected for its consultancy services on marketing effectiveness, employing a wide range of data, analytics and technology to provide concrete and tangible models that can drive business performance through better marketing.

Julian David, CEO of TechUK, joins the Prime Minister in introducing this year’s crop of business leaders. Other current events topics explored included cybersecurity, driverless cars and a bumper year for British gaming.

The executive director of The Parliamentary Review, Daniel Yossman, lauded the exceptional representatives involved this year, and stated that The Review is “delighted at how many exceptional and hardworking organisations from across the country have come together to make this edition possible.”

Writing in The Review, the prime minister says that “British politics provides ample material for analysis in the pages of The Parliamentary Review.”


View the article section here.