Data2Decisions and Google Partnership Helps Brands Measure the Impact of their Digital Marketing More Accurately

23, 11, 2017London, UK – Data2Decisions, a global provider of marketing analytics for the digital age, today announced that it has extended its advanced marketing analytics partnership with Google. As a Google Marketing Mix partner, Data2Decisions helps marketers accurately analyse how their marketing investments are driving sales and to optimise their advertising spend across multiple brands, channels and regions. This analytics offering gives marketers a better understanding of how their marketing investments on Google and other publishing platforms are affecting business results.


The Data2Decisions approach incorporates an advertiser’s Google ad expenditure data at a granular level as well as indexed search query volume for analysis, among their other mix variables. The digital component of the analysis will help advertisers understand both the direct and indirect contributions of digital spend.


Advertisers with a portfolio of brands who are interested in optimising the allocation of their marketing spend across channels and countries can now develop optimisations from Data2Decisions optimisation software, PoleStar. As a leader in marketing measurement and optimization solutions, Data2Decisions helps advertisers focus  on making better business decisions on how best to invest their marketing budget including deeper insights into how their Google ad spend is driving conversions along the customer journey. The expansion of this partnership marks the importance of using advanced analytics solutions to uncover the real drivers of ROI and assists in forecasting a brand’s future marketing performance.


“We’re excited to expand our work with Data2Decisions as part of our Marketing Mix Model (MMM) Partners program. This program will help marketers accurately measure the ROI of their digital investments in Google. We are delighted to give our MMM partners standardised access to accurate and granular data for Google video, display, and search campaigns. We also look forward to working together to develop best practices for incorporating Google data into marketing mix models,” said Babak Pahlavan, Senior Director of Product Management, Analytics Solutions and Measurement, Google.


“The growth of the internet and the myriad of opportunities it offers to sell and advertise to consumers has made marketing more complex over the last few years. Demand for companies, such as Data2Decisions to help marketers unravel the effectiveness of their marketing using data and scientific methods has grown considerably” said Paul Dyson, Founder, Data2Decisions. “Through our global partnership with Google, giving us easier access to more granular data, we will be able to ensure that marketers can make decisions at speed and scale to drive improved performance and gain an advantage over their competitors”


As their name suggests Data2Decisions ( help clients realise the value of their data by modelling the impact of marketing on sales. This insight can then be used to optimise the effectiveness of future marketing activity through our online optimisation tool PoleStar. Data2Decisions’ models take into consideration all factors affecting sales: typical marketing levers such as advertising, pricing and promotion as well as those not under the control of marketers such as weather, economic indicators and competitor activity. Recent advances in Data2Decisions’ modelling approach allows them to measure the effectiveness of both offline and online media allowing us to advise on the optimal way to allocate budgets between different media channels (TV, print, OOH, YouTube, display, search etc.)