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As the media landscape grows and marketing questions become more complex, a modelling approach that is adaptable and led by the business challenge is critical.


At Data2Decisions, we are technique agnostic. Our approach is determined by the question we seek to answer for our client and sometimes that means combining modelling techniques. Our modelling solutions span all marketing challenges and enable us to provide holistic measurement across online and offline media for our clients. When modelling outputs are used to optimise media through our advanced budget optimiser PoleStar, they can deliver huge incremental growth for clients.


Total Attribution is an approach developed by Data2Decisions which fuses digital attribution with marketing mix modelling. It enables us to link measurement of online and offline media to provide clients with one, accurate view of marketing performance across the entire consumer journey. Total Attribution can also reveal added insight on the optimal sequencing of touch points in the consumer journey.


Ecosystem Modelling evaluates the consumer journey by understanding the role of owned and earned media in the consumer’s path to purchase, answering questions such as “how do my digital channels interact in driving sales?” and “how effective are my owned and earned activity in amplifying the impact of paid media?”



Digital Attribution utilises very granular data relating to digital consumer pathways. By analysing when, where and how individual consumers were exposed to a brand’s digital advertising we can build up a picture of which touchpoints in that journey were most effective at driving conversion to sale. This technique enables a very detailed read on digital marketing performance down to creative and site placement level with added detail on how best to sequence messages to consumers.


Market Mix Modelling helps disentangle the impact on sales of key marketing levers such as price, promotion and advertising and outside influences such as seasonality and the economy.