PoleStar is Data2Decisions’ advanced media budget optimiser. Built on a powerful mathematical algorithm and fuelled by data and the outputs of modelling, PoleStar is future facing and focused on growth.


PoleStar shows how different marketing strategies could impact returns and identifies the optimal way to invest your budget across countries, brands, products and media channels.


Having been employed for clients across the world, PoleStar has helped generate ROI improvements of as much as 80%.



PoleStar LIVE is our next generation optimisation tool, enabling automated activation of media strategies using an artificially intelligent optimisation engine. Plugged directly into buying platforms, PoleStar LIVE uses machine learning to predict optimal investment strategies, automatically implements those strategies and then learns from outcomes to get smarter and smarter over time. The system is on 24/7 and can react in a millisecond making thousands of buying strategy adjustments every day.


PoleStar Live has been shown to deliver efficiency improvements of up to 40% by buying more efficiently and targeting the right messages at the right consumers. Get in touch with us today to learn how to unleash the power of AI on your marketing strategy.

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The Marketing Effectiveness Platform is Data2Decisions’ online analysis and reporting tool. Comprising four powerful apps, it ensures everyone involved in marketing, from your internal teams to your agencies, have access to a single view of the information needed to make strategic and profitable decisions.


The ROI database delivers a complete view of individual ROIs across your whole portfolio. Identify which of your channels, brands, categories and markets are setting the pace on ROI.


The model dashboard is home to the outputs of modelling done by Data2Decisions, allowing you to see key information about your sales, media spend, model accuracy, Google search trends and data relating to weather, the economy and seasonal factors.


Insights generated by modelling, combined with Data2Decisions’ marketing expertise enables us to make strategic investment recommendations to help you achieve your brand and revenue KPIs. Contained within the growth opportunities library, are all your brand by brand recommendations –  see their financial impact and monitor results achieved against identified opportunities.


PoleStar, explained above, is also one of the apps included in the MEP.



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